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Baby Daddy!

Hi everyone! So I am going to be talking to you all about my favorite tv show!

I’ve actually been watching this show for years, and they have it on Netflix if you want to binge (like I do) after reading this!

Hopefully this is just a bit of an outlook of the characters, way to many details include spoilers.

Baby Daddy is a sitcom on Freeform that has been showing since 2013. It takes place in New York. My favorite character on the show is actually Tucker Dobbs, played by Tahj Mowry. Tucker plays a producer on a talk show, just to start up his career in entertainment. But, he later becomes a host. Tucker actually lives with Ben and his brother Danny… and Emma. ( You’ll read later) His character is ridiculously funny and can always make a joke in a sticky situation.

He’s the best friend of Ben Wheeler, played by Jean-Luc Bilodeau, both leading characters in the show. ‘Ben’ is a twenty-something male with a baby that one of his exes actually left on his doorstep then leaving. (Yikes!) They live in an apartment full! He first starts out working at the bar and later with the help of his brother, finds himself owning the bar! Ben is a real catch for the girls and somehow ends up in different drama. But trust me the girl that he loves the most is his beautiful daughter Emma. As difficult as it is with the help of the rest of the gang, he is trying his best to raise a little girl, and they’re doing a pretty good job at it! I mean if a baby randomly appeared one day out of the blue, from one of your exes… what would you do?

Another leading role is played by Derek Theler, Danny Wheeler on the show. His character is a very passionate New York Ranger hockey player, who at times can be a bit slow… but has an amazing heart. He has such a positive outlook on the tricky things in life and normally perseveres through them!

To steam things up they have Riley Perrin, played by Chelsea Kane. A love interest to them both.

Riley has loved Ben for most of her life, and  Danny has loved Riley for most of his life. Not as confusing as I put it! Riley is a very prominent lawyer at a huge company! She has so much success in her field but still can’t stay out of the hilarious trouble brought by the Wheelers!

In the show my other absolute favorite is the mom! Real-estate agent, Bonnie Wheeler, played by Melissa Peterman, in the show she portrays a wine-loving, caring grandma, and mother. Even though her ideas may not be fully thought out all of the time, once again good at heart. Did I mention her love for Bon Jovi? One of the key aspects of her character on the show.

The comedic chemistry in the show is probably what lures me the most! It’s like an effortless comedy, for me finding an actually funny television show is a bit more tricky to find. I mean sure I may smile but I never really ‘laugh out loud’ but for this show I can’t help but too!

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Move over Midis

Move over Midis


Woah guys long time no talk, I am so sorry that I have been so absent on my blog lately but, I have seriously had no inspiration to write/video anything and I didn’t know what to do.
With that being said HAPPY NEW YEAR!
For my blog the New Year is starting on February 1st instead of January…
So the post, I know that I literally have probably posted and deleted this way too many times to count, but in all honesty I felt it could have been better! Believe it or not I started my blog for beauty and fashion… no idea how it became more lifestyle based?
So what I have for you right now are just an abundance of random mini skirts, when I initially made the title ‘Midi skirts” were in, just my luck I have not seen anyone where them lately, it’s fine though I still like the title!
I am just now actually noticing how expensive these skirts are and you totally can buy them from another store! I just found these and thought that they were cute, don’t worry next time I’ll check the prices!
If you read this far down, thank you so much for reading this ridiculous blog post where I randomly cut myself off!
XOXO, Londyn

Missoni metallic skirt
$210 –

Marc Jacobs sequin skirt
$235 –

Étoile Isabel Marant wrap skirt
$180 –

Chicwish mini skirt

The Polar Express (My experience and photos!)

Hi everyone, welcome back to a new post. With the holiday season around I haven’t had the time to really write a post, so… Happy Holidays!

Today, I am writing about one of my best experiences of 2016! My family organized a trip for us to all go on the Polar Express ride, it was an hour long train ride filled with singing, cookies, and of course hot chocolate!

Believe it or not I have yet to actually try the cookie (wanted to save it?) but the rest of my family has and they seemed to enjoy it.

Overall it was an amazing experience, we even received a golden train ticket. The workers were also exceedingly kind. It was amazing they even had the “Polar Express” written on the Amtrack trains. It was a wonderful experience and I know that the young passengers enjoyed it a lot more than I did.

My favorite part was easily the hot chocolate song, oh and the conductor! They even had a child portraying “Hero boy” they had the ghost and Santa Claus. Very enjoyable.


Youtube Launch.

Hey everyone,

Today I will be sharing really exciting news! It is of my official Youtube launch. I always wanted to create a Youtube channel, I just never did! No longer can I say that though. My first video is super short, and what I consider as a mini vlog. I will link everything below for you!


You can find my Youtube video here

Thanks for reading, and watching!

I’d also really like to make a schedule for both my blog and Youtube channel!

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